All funnels are uniquely developed to align with and support our client's goals.​


This funnel targeted the private sector with the goal of attracting traffic through a Lead Magnet which educated the target market on how they can develop their own business.

The Lead Magnet had various Upsells that offered support in several areas including, but not limited to: Business Planning, Brand Development, Video Production, Pitch Deck Presentation, Pitching to Investors, Raising Capital and Mentorship Programs.

Following the market test, our team optimized to produce high levels of traffic while focusing on lowering costs. Efforts resulted in over 250,000 US Dollars in initial Revenue being generated.

Note: The results detailed here were on initial sales and does not include sales generated from ongoing work carried out with the clients brought in.


This funnel targeted online traders with the goal of increasing company conversion. The targeted market created high levels of traffic that was guided into an account opening process where prospects would make their First Time Deposit (FTD) and then connect with the retention team.

Prospects that failed to complete the process were followed up by the sales team where any questions and objections were handled while working inline with the funnels strategy and upsells.

Trust and credibility was developed through a high profile video and supporting content, all produced by the FunnelCross team.

Customer Life Time Value (LTV) increased alongside the significant customer growth of 270%.


This funnel targeted High Net Worth Individuals and Institutional Investors with the goal of raising capital for an Initial Public Offering (IPO) executed by a holdings company.

The strategy applied was to capture valuable traffic by offering a free downloadable document educating the target market on the growth within various innovative industries.

This was supported by email campaigns, while all efforts allowed prospects to schedule appointments directly with members of the company to discuss the investment opportunity.

Following the first month of testing and data gathering, we were able to deliver a high level of valuable traffic resulting in raising over 30 Million US Dollars over the course of 3 months.