Turn cold leads into sales in a scalable and automated way.

Our team helps generate targeted lead prospects, and our technology can help turn cold email campaigns into warm leads and closed sales with automation.


Generate Targeted Lead List

Our team will generate targeted prospects targeting Location, Job Titles, Industries, and LinkedIn profiles allowing your team a constant flow of potential leads, saving your business time and money.


Send Cold Emails

Our technology platform can allow the sending of up to 2,000 emails a day in a personalized way achieving better open and click-through rates.


Setup Sales Automations

Incorporate automation and testing into your team’s workflow to reach your target audience. Choose your automation tasks like LinkedIn profile connection requests, messages, and calls to help automate your team’s approach to outreach.

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Targeted lead generation and scalable,
automated outreach solutions.

Get targeted lead prospect to start your outreach

Choose the audience needed, data size, and our team will deliver.

Fine-tune engagement rates with personalization

You’ll know what to do, from onboarding to creating a campaign once logged in.

Pinpoints your outreach with Manual Tasks

Schedule manual to-dos to engage with prospects on other channels.

We are helping leaders improve the workflow within the team and shape their campaign results. Are you one of them?

No other product on the market allows you to scale one-to-one conversations with prospects and customers in such a personalized way.

Patrick Campbell, Founder & CEO

Deliverability protection is
included in all our solution packages

Warm-up & Recovery

Automatically builds your sender reputation

Deliverability Monitor

Predicts and prevents sending issues

Bounce Shield

Protects from exceeding your sending limits

Our solutions easily
integrate with the tools you are already using

Flexible Pricing Options

Choose the relevant package for your business needs.

Outreach Starter

Most PopularOutreach Growth

Outreach Scale

Strategy Call Our team will conduct a strategy call to discuss the best utilization of this solution and automation platform.
A/B Email TestingA/B test up to 5 variations of email content to see which one works best.
No Monthly Contact LimitFor pro senders that want to automate sending multiple campaigns and users.
Unlimited Follow-upsSend follow-ups to as many prospects as you wish per day.
Free Email List VerificationValidate every email. Real-time validation by bouncer.
Free Email Warm-Up & recoverySend emails from one account while another is automatically warming up. Not only warm-up, but also recovery. Warm-up email accounts or whole domains.
Deliverability Monitor & Bounce ShieldSpot deliverability issues before they happen and prevent them. Minimize the risk of exceeding your email provider’s sending limits.
Integration with any Email ProviderThe platform supports Google, Office 365, Exchange and any other IMAP based email.
Open, Click & Response DetectionOpen, click, and response tracking visualized on a stats dashboard. Follow-ups stopped automatically once a reply comes in. AI-powered interest level.
AI-powered Interest LevelReplies from interested prospects in English get marked automatically. Save time and pick up conversations with potential customers.
Email SlotsA slot is a place to plug in an email address. E.g. if you want to send emails from 5 addresses to scale, you will need 5 slots.
Email Template SuggestionsOur team will create cold email templates to improve open rates, click-thru rates, and conversions.
Account Manager SupportOur support team will provide the relevant support within the mentioned platform.
EmailEmail, ChatEmail, Chat, Phone
Targeted Cold Lead ProspectsOur team will generate targeted prospects targeting Location, Job Titles, Industries, and LinkedIn profiles. view sample here.
Additional Leads @ Per LeadWe offer additional data at this price point per verified lead/prospect.
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